Plumbing is about precision. Each cut, weld,  measurement, and connection must be precise. Attention to detail is what you can expect from MillerWorks. It is the reason some of the largest healthcare, government, and education organizations in Florida choose us for our highly specialized plumbing capabilities, knowledge, and expertise.

MillerWorks prides itself on jobsite management with custom-tailored processes developed to ensure project efficiencies and cost savings while retaining quality.

From safety protocols to the most innovative technology and top-quality state-of-the-art materials, you can be confident your job will be completed right the first time. Warranty issues and recalls? Not here. We have an admirable reputation for the lowest warranty recall numbers in the region. Every day we come ready to work to earn your trust and your business.


– Commercial Plumbing Systems
Our plumbers specialize in large complex commercial plumbing projects. Their experience and understanding of all phases of construction are vital in coordinating the installation of our plumbing services with other trades. We are trained in almost every installation method for water, waste, and vent and are current with codes, standards, and guidelines.

– Medical Gas Systems
One of our primary specializations is installing commercial medical gas piping, outlets, monitoring systems and equipment for the healthcare industry, which is why we take the importance of a clean and uncontaminated system very seriously. We send all our top elite technicians to a rigorous 3-day medical gas certification class set by The American National Standard for Health Care Facilities (ANSI-NFPA 99). The standard set by our medical gas crew for pipe cleanliness, system knowledge, code compliance, and third-party verification is well documented and stands as one of the best in the region.

– Service & Repair for the Healthcare Industry
We enjoy building on the relationships established during our work in the construction phase and have developed a reputation for quality, honesty, dependability, and customer service. After the initial installation of commercial plumbing, medical gas, and HVAC systems in local healthcare facilities, our team was retained to continue maintaining and servicing their systems.


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“If you want it done right and of high quality, you hire MillerWorks. If you want it done wrong, delayed or costly, then hire someone else. For my money, I go with MillerWorks whenever I can.”